Our COMMUNITY is growing.

Shaeba Corp

Nazmul Siddiqui
[email protected]

Nazmul is a numbers man and he has a comprehensive plan to promote   unparalleled growth for this project. Through  digital marketing and business development solutions.   He is ready.

Dayren Santamaria

Concert Violinist and National Artistic Events Coordinator

Dayren will bring the arts and entertainment to our fundraising on a National level she will leverage her vast music and artist connections to support bring the people together. 


 We are the featured cemetery of the future in this amazing video game with real life connections.  "Cheri is shaking up the funeral industry with her innovative ideas. I am honored to be given the opportunity to showcase her funeral reform goals in my upcoming video game."  

Sarita Callender



We have 3 talented volunteer mentors who have given invaluable consultation to this ever evolving project.  We are immensely grateful.  This SCORE program of the SBA is a free gift to business in need of counsel from a experienced compassionate professional who has been there.  With 10,000 + mentors you will find the help you need. 


Louella Venable
[email protected]

 Louella Venable is the Realtor for the Elgin Mansion.  "Incredible concept for end of life possibilities affordable and environmental friendly"

Sharon Ann Rose - Women's Transformation

Cheri is a spirited leader and passionate supporter of Funeral and Death Reform. She holds a vibrant vision of what's possible by honoring the dying and the journey into and beyond it.  Please support her organization and efforts to transform the culture of our lives by honoring our deaths."

James Rocha

RPS Coaches

"What a unique and interesting proposition to get back to basics and do things the right way." 

John Dorgan

SDI Technologies

"The death of a loved one is emotionally difficult. It shouldn't be financially devastating as well. Death Rites advocates for options that are sensible, traditional, personal, and affordable. Thanks, Cheri!"

Scott Wright

The Wright Real Estate Group

"Cheri is very passionate about helping others when it comes time to bury their loved ones. She is on a full fledged mission to change how the entire funeral industry works." 

Isabella France

Welcome Wagon

"Ive personally struggled with the same issues that made Cheri create this organization. What a great and much needed movement!"

Traci Romph

Life Coach Counselor

"I connected with Cheri because I believe in what she’s trying to do with the funeral industry. I hope to support her any way I can especially after the process & expenses of going through it when my mom passed in 2016. She’s been great to connect with and she’s been kind. Can’t wait to connect with her more in the future."

Robin Lowe
J Gault Investments

J Gault Investments

"From our first meeting, I saw her passion resonate in our conversation. She has a great mission that we all need to support. " .