A social movement is an organized effort by a large number of people to bring about political, economic, or cultural change.
Join us as we reclaim
                   our DEATH RITES.

 We are here to reestablish the Rites of our Ancestors.   While  reuniting our communities with how our grandparents did this.  They crowd funded community land and built communities around the graveyard.  They supported the graveyard as they could.  Its OK, We went astray, we are going back.

That means no embalming, no metal caskets, no concrete.  We encourage a simple pine box or a basket casket or a flag or shroud, as long as its earth friendly.   And we do not do this for families, but we will provide the structure of bringing this to a community as a gift to themselves as well as teaching guides to every community that wants to learn home funeral care.   Gather a group of 5 or more we will relearn our way. 

Welcome to the Let's be Trees Society.
You can be anything in our garden from a majestic pine to a bounty of hydrangeas.   Would you want a real life family tree?
Would you want a garden space 40x 40 or more that was yours to  care for.  We can do that here. 

Do you have skills, talent, connections
or land to help
this project grow?

Together We Move Mountains