There are 1000s of professional trained to help you with end of life care or planning, including us.  If you cant find what you need in this industry please call us.  We will find it together.

Hosanna High Community Burial Project is helping to educate everyone who wants to work in their communities with home death care resources. This list, as everything else on this site, will be updated periodically so please check back frequently or sign-up for our newsletter

Inspired Funerals
Ideas on honoring loved ones, cultures, and rituals.  Would you dare to make yours fun?

Free and fast probate courts are ridiculous get a will.  Free State Specific Last Will and Testament

Hospice is not just for the very end; they are a wonderful resource.

Free Last Will and Testament

The Green Burial Council 
State lists, local and state advocacy 

 Legal for your state
Make pre-planning easier with advanced directives and instructions

Veteran Benefits

Call your county/city zoning
Learn your rites on your land.

Sell Your Cemetery Property Plots - Lots - Graves - Burial Spaces - Mausoleum Crypts - Lawn Crypts - Urn Niches The Cemetery Exchange LLC The Prominent Nationwide Cemetery Property Listing Service 

Don't miss this inspiring video
Life is like water. 
A short but powerful film by Sirtony Films

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