You may have heard that we are on a mission to reform the funeral industry. We have chosen a 501c7 Society with a Cemetery 501c13 as our FOUNDATION.

We are happy to begin the building of Ambassadors, Event Planners, Accountants, Corporate Sponsors, Volunteers, Advisory Board Members, Land Donors, Surveyors, Foresters, Realtors, Artisans, Carpenters, Clergery & Lawyers .  We want YOU to come along with us.
Please let us know if this might tempt you to join us.
This is a small presentation of what we could do, if we all pull together.

Macon NC our goal is to crowd fund for The Historic Elgin Mansion $5,000,000 to be used as a 200,000 members 300 acre Private Cemetery Society and small event center.

2 year Founding Membership to The Cemetery Society

1 Digital Business Card for sharing Lets Be Trees Society AND every 10 new members earns 1 free membership for the Share the Love Campaign where people pay it forward. Imagine a world where you could pay for your neighbors final expenses.

1 Hardwood Tree Seedling of various varieties 2’ Seedling to become your future REAL LIFE FAMILY TREE for your family to care for in your home and planted when and where you choose Provided by the NC State Forestry.

The wonderful people at The Welcome Wagon are coming full circle with us and have gifts of every degree for our new members & offer your business an opportunity to meet our new Society with gifts and greetings. Jump on the Welcome Wagon We would add your Company to a carousel of Supporters nicely listed on new website,

As well as an informative listing in our Society Newsletter for 1 year Hosted by Adam of HiPercision Virtual Assistance

Perhaps a Guest appearance on The Aging Experts Podcast where you can share your work with Barbara Ellison, Barbara Beckley and Carol Henderson E360TV Diamond Factor Network in a super relaxed informative way.

Opportunity to sponsor November1 Annual All Saints Day Black Tie Dinner Gala We are reviving the tradition of the forgotten All Saints Day. A day to remember the departed. This campaign/ event takes place in various cemeteries nationally. This is a combination fund raising event with Volunteer Fire Departments. This is a day-long open jam style music storytelling event with children's activities. Including a recital of The MAGIC WORDS children's Play. Bring a picnic. The Evening includes Dining with the Departed Dinner is 6 pm by Reservation Only MEMBERS ONLY Menu: Red Wine, Spaghetti, meatballs, Salad, Crust. Various donated pies and coffee Cocktail Hour Starts at 6pm 1930’s ERA Music Sitdown dinner at 7pm First Opportunity to Table Sponsorship 8 person $1600. Table of 4 person $800 Private Table for 2 $400 Individual Tickets at community table $200

A Super Cool Let's Be Trees T- Shirt of various colors and shapes

Opportunity to be 1 of 10 business ads on a revolving billboard in the PressX2Play Virtual video game where Let's Be Trees Society is the cemetery of the future and your corporation can be also. Sponsorship opportunities start at $2000 Be a Part of the Future after an Epic Event with us in this remarkable video tool where gamers connect with merchants in a video game.

Your business offer could be here.

Founding members are given a choice of specific family sized lots or acreage. We thank The Littleton Plant Farm for joining us in sponsoring A Welcome to the garden, plant place holder for your garden decor.

National or Local Sponsorship opportunity for The Magic Words Campaign this 1 Act 12 minute Children’s Play is a quick and shocking reminder of the power of The Magic Words. This awareness campaign allows for children to teach children and remind adults of The Magic Words and the power of kind speaking. Written by Michael Savage aka Sirtony presented by schools, theaters and back yards everywhere.

We suggest Schools and families create a new Magic Words Award for rewarding those who use them. The Screenplay is available at our store by donation. This is a tremendous gift to teachers, parents, young actors or anyone who wants to promote kindness again.

National or Local sponsorship opportunity of the Lets Be Trees SideWalk Chalk Art Children's Campaign WASHABLE CHALK ART BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT Buy chalk. Give it to children. Ask them to draw trees. Send us pictures.

2 hour virtual assistant offered Adam Murphy of HIPRECISION VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

As a founding member you will also receive Regular updates on the progress of the project to include Financial Accountability Society Growth and community outreach Real Estate Acquisition

We think this is a great beginning to the benefits of joining us. We know this project will grow with the right people for the right reasons. We have thought about what amount of money to ask for a founding donation like this. Priceless is the only word that describes what we can do if we want to “Imagine a world where families come first and cost is not a factor in dying”.

How much would you give to see funeral reform?

[email protected]

Lets Be Trees

Excellent to hear from you. We at the Lets Be Trees Society with your help will reform the funeral industry. I look forward to personally responding as soon as possible. Cheri Wallace